Optimum Arkimist
Suite 2508, the Orient Square
F. Ortigas Jr. Rd, Ortigas Center
Pasig City 1605 Philippines


We guarantee our clients that our services are of the highest quality and standards. Our creative team of architects, interior space designers and planners, engineers, contractors, technology experts, service providers and consultants are picked out specifically for each project – ensuring that, in each project, the right skills are applied using the right strategy to achieve the client’s requirements and a design that is suitable to their budget.
Construction/Project Management
Fit out of interior spaces with full supervision on project and quality control.
A cost-efficient approach to meet your budget and maximize the use of your capital.
Commercial Facilities Management
Management of your corporate facilities. This includes the set-up of corporate space,
interiors, workstation set-up, cabling, technology requirements and procurement of
hardware. A plug and play model for our clients.
Residential Facilities Management
Management of the fit-out of your condo, apartment, townhouse or house. We take
complete control of the design and construction so its ready for occupancy.
Of course, we work based on your specifications but we'll make it very simple for you.
his is an excellent model for clients with multiple residential units waiting to be rented out.
Procurement of Materials (coming soon)
If you have a contractor of your own and you wish to outsource the procurement of
materials, we can do it for you. You can click on our Procurement page and have your
foreman submit your order/s online. We will arrange for all deliveries, etc. This will save
you trips to the home depot and hardware stores. All deliveries are scheduled.